Leadership Team




Head of School- Mrs. Joan Salette

Associate Director- Mr. Robert Salette

Assistant Headmaster, Secondary School- Mr. Eric Casarotto

Headmistress, Elementary School- Mrs. Marlene Kotler

Administrative Assistant (ELP) to the Headmistress- Mrs. Carol Ward

Director of Athletics- Mr. George Martin


Support Staff


Admissions Officer- Mrs. Anoush Mareshlian

Director of Finance and Human Resources- Mme Louise Blanchette

Accounts Receivable- Mrs. Carmelina Vassallo

Accounts Payable- Mme Caroline Taillefer

Coordinator of Administration, Secondary School – Mrs. Cathie DaSilva

Receptionist, Early Learning Pavilion- Mrs. Evelyne Crawford

Secretary, Elementary school- Ms. Lesley Hammill

Secretary, Secondary school - Mrs. Rita Lancione

Elementary School Librarians- Mrs. Kelly Meehan

Secondary School Librarian- Ms. Jennifer Mohammed

Communications Officer- Ms. Cindy Gosselin

IT Technician- Mr. Gordon Adamson

Building Maintenance Manager- Mr. Frank Rankin 


Student Services


Dean of Student Life- Mr. Bryan Pearce

School Counsellor- Ms. Jordanna Vamos

Head Chef- Mr. Daniel Stewart

Kuper Kloset Manager- Mrs. Claire Crozier


Elementary School Staff & Faculty


Xiao Qin Bian- Certificate in Early Childhood Education, Vanier College

Anik Bissonnette- B.A. (Honours French) McGill University, B.Ed. McGill University, M.A. (French) University of UCSB Santa Barbara California

Maryse Campanelli- B.Ed. (TFSL elementary level) McGill University

Amanda Clarke- DEC (Social Science) John Abbott College, DEC (Early Childhood Education) Vanier College, B.Ed. (Child Studies) Concordia University (In Progress)  

Susan Davidson- B.Ed. McGill University

Josee De Iuliis- B.A. (Linguistics) Concordia University, B.A. (Early Childhood Elementary Education) Concordia University

Jana Dihosh- B.Ed (Kindergarten and Elementary Education) McGill University

Melissa Fera- B.Ed. (Kindergarten & Elementary) McGill University

Brian Forsyth- B.Ed. (Later Childhood) McGill University

Jessica Gagnon- B.Ed. (Kindergarten & Elementary) McGill University

Julie-Ann Gaudin- B.Ed. (Kindergarten & Elementary) McGill University

Julie Gentile– B.Mus. McGill University, B.Ed. McGill University

Stephanie Gerbaux- B.Ed. (Kindergarten & Elementary Education) McGill University

Lisa Gillis- B.Ed. (French) University of Manitoba

Emma Harries- B.Sc. (Environmental Science & Geography) University of Bradford, UK, PGCE (Education) University of Essex, UK

Melissa Ivany- B.Ed. (French as a Second Language) Memorial University of Newfoundland/University of Quebec in Montreal

Margaret Kerr- B.A. (Honours English) Concordia University, Dip. Ed. McGill University, Childhood Education Diploma Vanier College

Anastasia Knox- B.Ed. (Kindergarten and Elementary Education) McGill University

Marlene Kotler- B.A. Sir George Williams University, Dip. Ed. McGill University, M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology) McGill University 

Kristin Landry- B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education) Concordia University

Brenda Leitch- B.F.A & B.A. (Textiles) Nova Scotia College of Art and Design  

Heidi Lenet- B.Ed. (P.E.) McGill University, M.A. in Physical Education Pedagogy McGill University

Kelly Meehan- DEC (Information & Library Technology) John Abbott College

Jennifer Moreyne- B.A. (Early Childhood and Elementary Education) Concordia University 

Susan Ness- B.A. (Honours) Carleton University, B.Ed. University of Western Ontario, Early Childhood Education Diploma, Vanier College

Alexandra Papazoglou- B.Ed. (History, Ethics, and Religion) McGill University, M.Ed. (Canadian History and Education) University of Toronto   

Cynthia Pike- B.A. (Early Childhood and Elementary Education) Concordia University

Isabelle Racine- B.Ed. (Preschool and Elementary Education) Sherbrooke University

Lori-Ann Rapattoni- B.A. (English Literature) Concordia University, M.A. (French Literature) Université de Rouen, France, Certificate Inclusive Education, McGill University, B.Ed (Kindergarten and Elementary with Pédagogie de l'Immersion Française specialization) McGill University

Esther Rouleau-McCarthy- B.Sc. (Chemistry) Bishop's University, B.Ed. University of Ottawa

France Salette- B. Ed. UQAM, M. Ed. University of Montreal, Certificate in Human Resources University of Quebec in Montreal

Kim St. Amand- Early Childhood Education Degree, Vanier College

Shirley Tang- B.Ed. (Early Childhood & Elementary) McGill University

Elizabeth Treta, B.A. (Psychology) Concordia University, B.A. (Early Childhood and Elementary Education) Concordia University

Emmanuel Wilson (Computer Lab Specialist)- Associates Degree in Computer Programming Washtenaw College, Certificate in Software Engineering Concordia University, Diploma in Inclusive Education McGill University, Certificate in Computer Languages McGill University

Yan Hua Zhang- B.A (English Education) Shenyang Normal University, Certificate of Early Childhood Education, Vanier College


High School Staff & Faculty


Gordon Adamson- B.Sc. (Psychology) Concordia University, Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA), Certified Cisco trainer, Certified Programmer Analyst

Bradley Blythe- B.A. (Honours English) Laurentian University, B.Ed. (English & History) Nipissing University, M.A. (English) Laurentian University

Natalie Brothers- B.A. (Liberal Arts) Concordia University, B. Ed. McGill, M.A. (Educational Studies) Concordia University

Rick Carter- B.Sc. (Chemistry) Loyola College, Diploma in Education Bishop’s University, M.B.A. Concordia University

Eric Casarotto- B.A. (Honours History) McGill University, Diploma in Education McGill University

Edward Chang- Diploma of Teaching and B.Ed. Australian Catholic University

Crystal Cichanowicz- B.Sc. (Specialization in Chemistry) Concordia, M.A. (Teaching & Learning) McGill University

Tammy Cohen- B.A. (Child Studies) Concordia University, B.F.A. (Art Education) Concordia University

Esa Diano- Natural Science Diploma in Animal Health Technology, Vanier College

Luigi Discepola- B.Ed. McGill University, B.A. (Humanistic Studies) McGill, LL.L. Bachelor of Law Ottawa University, member in good standing of the Quebec Bar Association

Florence Dusausoy- B.A. (History of Art & Archeology) University of Liege, Belgium, M.Ed. University of Liege, Belgium, M.A. in Museology University of Liege, Belgium

Vydehi Eranki- B.Sc. Sri Venkateswara University, B.Ed. (Mathematics) McGill University, M.Sc. (Mathematics) Osmania University, Master of Philosophy (Mathematics) Bangalore University

John-Carlo Franzese- B.Ed. (History & Geography) McGill University

Rosario Ganem- B.Ed. (T.E.S.L.) Instituto Anglo Mexicano de Cultura A.C., Proficiency in English McGill University Centre for Continuing Education

Christian Gaudette- B.A. (Kinesiology and Health Science) York University, Graduate Diploma of Education, University of Wollongong, Australia 

Bruce Glasspoole- B.Sc. McGill University, B.Ed. Queen's University, M.T.M. (Master of Teaching Mathematics) Concordia University

Jacob Harris- B.A. (Economics) McGill University, Graduate Diploma in Sports Administration Concordia University

Lawrence Harris- B.Ed. (Secondary School Chemistry and History) McGill University

Karima Irbah B.A. (French as a second language), B.A. (Translation) Institute of Interpretation and Translation of Algeria, M.A. (Teaching French as a Second Language) University of Sherbrooke (In Progress)

Stephanie Karaminas- B.Ed. (Physical & Health Education) McGill University

Gasser Khalifa, PH.D. (Literary Studies) University of Quebec in Montreal, M.A. (Teaching) University or Sorbonne, Certificate (French Instructor) MELS Quebec

Amanda Lagendyk- B.A. (Human Resources & Marketing) Concordia University, B.Ed. University of Ottawa

Elizabeth Lakoff- B.Ed. McGill University, Graduate Diploma in Instructional Technology at Concordia (In Progress) 

Catherine Lechman, B.A. (English Cultural Studies & Art/European History) McGill University, B.Ed. (Secondary English Language Arts & Social Studies) McGill University, M.A. (Educational Studies) Concordia University

Danielle Leneveu- B.A. (Economics & French Literature) Concordia University, B.Ed. Victoria University

Aiden Londei- B.A. (English Literature) Concordia University, M.A. (Integrated Studies) McGill University (In Progress)

Marisa Machaca- B.A. (History and English Literature) Concordia University, M.A. (Integrated Studies in Education) McGill University 

Noemie Marin- B.Sc. (Physical Education & Community Health) University of Minnesota, Post-Secondary Education Diploma University of Montreal

George Martin- B.A. (Economics) Bishop’s University, Certificate in Education Bishop's University

Nga Nguyen- B.F.A. (Specialization in Art Education) Concordia University, B.A. (English Language) University of Foreign Language, Diploma (Physics & Mathematics) Teacher Training College

Bryan Pearce- B.Ed. McGill University

Dean Phillips- B.Sc. (Biology) McGill University, Diploma of Education (General Science & Biology) McGill University, M.Ed. (Curriculum and Instruction) Queens University

Brittany Privée- B.Ed. (Physical and Health Education) McGill University, M.Sc. (Education) Canisius College

Danielle Sargent- B.Ed. (Secondary Sciences & Mathematics) McGill University, M.T.M. (Master in the Teaching of Mathematics) Concordia University

Christian Sater, B.Ed. (Mathematics & English) McGill University

Robyn Shiller- B.Ed. (Social Studies) McGill University, DEC in Professional Theatre John Abbott College

Gregor Tedford- B.A. (English Literature) Concordia University, B.Ed. York University

Cullen Thiessen- B.Ed. (Physical Education & Health) McGill University

Jordanna Vamos- B.A. (Fine Arts) Concordia University, M.A. (Creative Art Therapies) Concordia University, Certified Canadian Counsellor

Hélène Vanasse- B.A. (French) University of Montreal

Chelsea Wakeling- B.Ed. (Social Studies) McGill University, M.A. (Educational Leadership) McGill University (In Progress)

Kirsten Wallace- B.Sc.H. (Specialization in Chemistry) Queen's University, B.Ed. Nipissing University

Jeremy Welik- B.A. (Human Relations) Concordia University, B.Soc.Sc. (Honors Political Science) University of Ottawa, M.S.T. (Master of Science in Teaching) New York State University

Mirja Wissenz- B.A. (Criminology) Ottawa University, B.A. (Music) Ottawa University, B.Ed. (Intermediate & Senior) Ottawa University