Elementary Curriculum




Our elementary school offers a challenging program based in the Quebec government MELS requirements, supplemented by enrichment across the curriculum. In order for students to move forward successfully in their secondary and post-secondary education, Kuper Academy elementary apportions more time per student than requested by the MELS in languages, math, social sciences, and arts. Kuper Academy offers a wide variety of classes mandated by MELS that are vital to the growth and development of our students. Our program is focused on nurturing and developing each child to his or her fullest potential.


Compulsory subjects in cycle one (grades one and two) include: English language of instruction (ELA), mathematics, French as a second language (FLA), art education (both visual arts and music), physical education and health, and ethics and religious culture. Compulsory subjects in cycles two and three (grade three to grade six) include: English language of instruction (ELA), mathematics, French as a second language (FLA), art education, physical education and health, ethics and religious culture, geography, history, citizenship education (under the umbrella of sciences humaines), and science and technology.


We realize that it is increasingly important to implement technology in the classroom as well as within the overall curriculum. In order to further their learning and understanding of the world, students are given access to learning labs, IPad technology, and robotics courses.


Enhancing Education at Kuper


Core Subjects

Math is taught in English daily throughout the entire academic year. The English language instruction classes and the French language instruction classes are taught on a bi-weekly basis (one week of English followed by one week of French). Science and technology and ethics classes are taught in English while social science (sciences humaines) and religious culture are taught in French.



Students from K4 to grade four participate in a French drama class every week throughout the entire academic year. This allows them to further develop their French skills while simultaneously nurturing their artistic abilities. In addition, each student in the elementary school attends a weekly art class taught by a qualified art teacher for a minimum of one hour per week. Students in cycle three (grades five and six) have the choice of either band or dance. These classes meet two times per week and are taught by qualified music and dance teachers.


Advanced Courses

The full-day five-year-old kindergarten programming includes an enriched English language arts curriculum based on Starfall Model. Additionally, Kuper delivers a year long enriched grade six math program for all students who qualify by the end of their fifth grade year. This advanced programming is continued in the high school. Sixth grade teachers also assess each student’s knowledge and understanding of French, and when each student begins high school in grade seven they are placed in one of five French level classes ranging from Acceuil (beginner), to regular French, to Enrichi 1 or 2 (enriched), or finally to “Langue Maternelle” (mother tongue) classes.


In addition to all of the mandatory courses, students are offered a range of extra-curricular activities through the year. For more information about this please visit our extracurricular activities webpage at: http://www.kuperacademy.ca/student-life/extracurricular-activities