Secondary School



The goal of the secondary physical education program is to develop a lifelong appreciation for fitness and sport. In the high school, physical education classes are offered twice a cycle at every level. A variety of sport options are provided to meet the interests and abilities of all students. Kuper Academy is a member of the Greater Montreal Athletic Association, fielding competitive teams for boys and girls in soccer, football, golf, tennis, hockey, basketball, swimming, rugby, touch football, lacrosse, cross-country running and track and field. Our teams are competitive and sportsmanship is a guiding rule. A modern weight and fitness room is also available and Kuper’s private shuttle bus transports students to games in comfort and security.



Due to the competitive nature of these sports, many varsity teams play on the weekends. There are a variety of tournaments held throughout the three seasons, and Kuper Academy students are privy to many of these events.


In addition to the wide variety of interscholastic sports, Kuper Academy also offers an array of intramural athletics for students in every grade level. There is a cheerleading team, an intramural basketball team, ball hockey, volleyball, and badminton. These sports are mainly offered at lunchtime during the school year, with some exceptions.