An Introduction to Physical Education


Kuper Academy maintains a strong commitment to athletics and physical education and aims to develop well-rounded students who not only excel within the classroom but who spend time exercising and developing their bodies as well as their minds. Our interscholastic and recreational programs offer our students the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and to develop and embody key values including self-discipline, humility, and respect for others that will inspire them to lead rewarding and active lives.


Kuper students are three-season athletes. Whether a student has been playing hockey for years or is just learning volleyball, they are part of our Kuper tradition. Kuper offers more than 25 interscholastic sports at various levels in which our students compete in the G.M.A.A. We are thrilled that Kuper excellence in the classroom carries over to the athletic program.


Faculty members serve as coaches to our athletic teams, and this only serves to cement the relationships developed within the classrooms. These adults teach important lessons and our coaches and staff are always working to build both the skills and the self-esteem of each of their players. Kuper takes over 25 athletic trips across Canada and the New England states each academic year, competing at the highest standards of athletics. We are most proud of our students and their commitment to being disciplined athletes both on and off the field.  



The majority of the cost for athletics is covered in the scheduled school fees. However, if your child is a participant on a team or within an individual sport program, there may be fees levied during the fall, winter, and/or spring to cover the cost of cleaning, repairing, maintaining, and replacing team equipment. Furthermore, if a sports team travels and there is an overnight stay, parents will be asked to cover those costs.