GMAA Locations & Sports Schedules

Being a student at Kuper Academy means studying, doing homework, challenging oneself on teams, and growing as a result of a holistic approach to living. Most importantly, our students learn how to think, how to prepare for their day , how to meet deadlines, and how to make decisions in a class or in a game. Kuper Academy student athletes learn about commitment, leadership and accountability. They compete with pride, discipline, determination, and preparation. 



There are three seasons of sports at the varsity level. Students have the option to participate in fall sports (soccer, golf, football, cheerleading), winter sports (ice hockey, basketball, swimming), and spring sports (flag football, lacrosse, track & field, tennis, baseball). In addition, there are a wide variety of intramural activities available for students of all ages  during lunchtime hours, such as: basketball, ball hockey, volleyball, and badminton.







For a list of GMAA locations, please visit the following website:


For a complete list of the Kuper hockey schedules (ALL teams) for the 2016-2017 season, please click on the following link: