Field Trips and Class Outings



The elementary school at Kuper Academy has always been a leader in providing co-educational field experiences for young people. The program of outings includes a variety of bilingual educational experiences. 
At the secondary level, Kuper Academy actively promotes educational excursions and cultural exchanges. Day and overnight outings (coordinated with the curriculum) broaden the perspective of our students. In the past, some of these activities have included student leadership conferences, debating tournaments, visits to museums, and visits to corporations representing various industries. High school students participate in many learning activities outside the school. Each year, depending on the grade level, students have the opportunity to either take a trip to Europe, to travel to the United States, or to take a trip somewhere as a collective of graduating students.

Unique field trips take students to interesting and stimulating places: Budding scientists are involved in various science fairs sponsored by both universities and industries. Kuper students have enjoyed the shores of Mistissini in Quebec’s Cree territory and the museums of Florence; and they have also discovered of the joy of flight by taking the controls of a Cessna aircraft on Fly Day. No matter what activity they prefer, Kuper students have become citizens of the world through experiential learning and by participating in the community that surrounds them.