Kuper Academy views alumni as valued participants in the Kuper community. Alumni are ambassadors of the school and are always welcome to attend fundraisers, special events, and activities held on campus throughout the year.

Many alumni have kept in touch and let us know what they've been up to since they left Kuper high school. Alumni have moved on to attend prep schools and universities across Canada and the United States, in addition to beginning their careers in various fields. 

Currently there are almost forty former Kuper students attending a wide variety of prep schools in the United States and Canada, including: Hotchkiss, St. Mark's, Choate, Millbrook, Pomphret, St. Georges, and many others. In addition, there are several alumni that have not only gone on to attend Ivy League schools, but who have also proved to be well-rounded individuals by excelling in sports, the arts, and others areas of interest.

If you are an alumni, we encourage you to share what YOU have been up to by liking the Kuper Academy Alumni Facebook page and starting a conversation!

We have recently begun the creation of a series of alumni newsletters and are always looking to hear stories and updates about how our alumni are doing. Please contact us through the alumni Facebook page to let us know what you have been up to so that we can include your stories in upcoming issues!

Alumni Newsletter #2 Fall 2014 (Click on this link)

Alumni Newsletter #1 Winter 2014 (Click on this link)

You can also check out our Alumni Page on Facebook here!


Annual Alumni Holiday Gathering