Kuper Academy has a solid tradition of philanthropy and volunteerism. New parents, current parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends all contribute what they can to Kuper, and this results in a stronger more tightly-knit community.


We are aware that supporting Kuper Academy is much bigger than money itself, and so in addition to funding specific activities, we always encourage parents and alumni to volunteer their time and talents in whatever way the feel inclined to.


Involvement in school activities throughout the academic year is a great way to become engaged in the community, to give back, and to spend time with your children in another arena. We honour and recognize the many ways you help us.


Although Kuper Academy currently bears the cost of the wide variety of available scholarships, we have inaugurated a program whereby families or organizations can sponsor and name a scholarship or bursary. Please contact the Director of Admissions, Mr. Rob Salette, at (514) 426-3007, ext. 235 for more information.