Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many students attend Kuper Academy? Is it co-educational?

A: Kuper is a co-educational institution that boasts between 900 and 950 students annually from K3 through to grade eleven. 



Q: Where are you located?

A: Kuper Academy occupies a six acre campus and is located in the west end of the island of Montreal between highway 20 and highway 40. We have three addresses- one for each of our buildings. The Early Learning Pavilion is at 4 Aesop, Kirkland, Quebec, H9H 5G5. The elementary school building is at 2 Aesop, Kirkland, Quebec, H9H 5G5. The high school building is at 2975 Edmond, Kirkland, Quebec, H9H 5K5.



Q: How do I apply for acceptance to Kuper Academy?

A: Students are accepted into Kuper Academy through an individual selection process which generally includes a personal interview and an entrance examination. Please see the elementary and high school admissions tab on the website for further details.



Q: What is the cost to attend Kuper Academy?

A: For the 2016-2017 year, the fees are as follows:

K3 (half-day): $5,121.68

K4: A government subsidized program at $1,759.30 per year based on $7.30/day

K5 : $11,083.83

Grade 1 to Grade 4: $12,321.78

Grade 5 : $12,380.43

Grade 6 : $12,998.91

Grade 7 & 8: $13,972.33

Grade 9 & 10: $14,187.70

Grade 11: $14,349.23



Q: Do students require a Certificate of Eligibility to attend Kuper Academy?

A:  Kuper Academy is a non-subsidized institution and does not have restrictions with respect to eligibility under Bill 101, therefore students do not need a certificate of eligibility to attend.



Q: Does Kuper Academy have any religious affiliations?

A: Kuper Academy has no religious affiliations.



Q: How long has Kuper Academy been in existence?

A: Kuper Academy began in September of 1986 and steadily grew from being solely an elementary school to becoming a school that offers Pre-Kindergarten through to and including grade eleven education. Kuper’s first high school graduating class was in 2003 and Kuper celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary during the 2011-2012 academic year.


Q: Are all of your teachers qualified instructors?

A: All of our faculty members are authorized to teach under the rules of the Quebec Ministry of Education. Many of our staff members have pursued advanced studies, including graduate as well as post-graduate degrees.



Q: Does Kuper Academy board students? Is there a Home Stay program?

A: Kuper Academy is a day school. We have no boarding facilities for international students, nor do we facilitate the billeting of students with local families.



Q: Are there any advanced placement courses offered?

A: Kuper Academy offers students a challenging curriculum. At the high school level, a class of students at each grade level is taking the next grade’s math class. This means that students can take calculus in their graduating year. Students can take advanced French (DELF) and advanced science, as well as having the option to select from several profiles in their eleventh grade year, including: Liberal Arts (philosophy, world history, and creative writing), Communications (media literacy, effective writing, film), and Business (accounting, marketing, law).



Q: What sports teams are offered and how would my son or daughter get on a team?

A: There is an array of interscholastic sports offered to all Kuper students including, but not limited to, ice hockey, soccer, golf, basketball, lacrosse, track and field, tennis, and football. In the high school there are daily announcements and sign-up sheets for students, and they are also encouraged to check out Sports Weekly on COBA. In the elementary school, sign-up sheets are posted and try-outs are held on campus for the various sports.



Q: Are there other extracurricular activities for my child to participate in?

A: In the high school the extracurricular activities are plentiful, including student council, aviation, drama club, yoga, cheerleading, tech team, chess club, rock band, yearbook, table-tennis, green team, Free the Children, board games, SOS leadership, DJ club, debate team, visual arts club, creative writing, blood drive, leukemia and lymphoma club, and film. In the elementary school, the following activities are offered at various times during the year: French scrapbooking, halo run, geography bee, chantons et dansons, chess, folk dancing, math whiz, curling, jewellery making, knitting, choir, drama, the Skupe student newspaper, talent show, scrapbook club, arts and crafts, creative writing, and lunchtime intramurals.



Q: How do I make tuition payments?

A: Fees are payable to Kuper Academy by Visa, Mastercard, cash or cheque. They can be paid in full at the beginning of the academic year (plan A), and or in two installments in August and January (plan B) or they can be paid in seven installments over the course of the year (plan C, which includes a finance charge).



Q: Where is the nearest Metro station, train station, and bus stop?

A: There are no Metro stations near Kuper Academy, but we are on the MUCTC bus lines of the 200, 203, and 217 buses. There are two trains every morning that head from downtown Montreal to the Pointe-Claire station, and there is also a train that stops at the Pointe-Claire station coming from the western part of the island (Hudson/St.Lazare).



Q: When does the academic year begin? And end?

A: The academic year begins on the last Wednesday of August for the high school and on the Tuesday of the same week for the elementary school. The school year ends in June just before the St. Jean De Baptiste holiday, traditionally around June 23rd. Please note that the high school classes end in the middle of June in order to leave room to hold final exams.



Q: What percentage of students graduate and go on to post-secondary education?

A: Kuper high school students have a 100% success rate and after graduating most students remain in the province and continue their education within various Montreal CEGEPs. Many of our students also continue their education in some of the most prestigious New England prep schools, obtaining scholarships as a result of their success at Kuper. Currently, Kuper alumni have graduated from and are attending: McGill University, Harvard, Brown, the Wharton School of Business, Concordia, Bishops, and many others. Our high school graduates are pursuing studies in all fields ranging from medicine to business, engineering, and the arts.



Q: Do students participate in educational field trips during the academic year?

A: Kuper prides itself on being a leader in providing co-educational field experiences for young people. The program of outings includes a variety of bilingual educational experiences and Kuper Academy actively promotes educational excursions and cultural exchanges. In the past, some of these activities have included student leadership conferences, debating tournaments, visits to museums, and visits to corporations representing various industries. All Kuper students have the opportunity to participate in day trips around the island of Montreal which include visits to museums, shows and exhibits, in addition to leadership camps and outdoor adventures aiming to foster collaboration and teamwork skills. Senior students in both the elementary and the high school also have the opportunity to travel internationally to the United States and/or Europe.



Q: Are there separate times for older and younger students to use the playground?

A: The students from each building have different recess and lunchtime hours and are thus rarely out in the playground at the same time. While we embrace the idea of the ‘Kuper family’ wholeheartedly, we understand that it is important for children to share recess and lunch breaks with classmates of the same age.



Q: Are there scholarships available?

A: Kuper Academy offers a variety of renewable and non-renewable merit-based scholarships to students in the high school. Please see the Financial Assistance & Scholarships page under the Admissions tab for more information.



Q: Do you have a daycare?

A:  Yes, from K4 through to and including grade six. K4 is the Quebec-subsidized daycare program currently at the cost of $7.30/per day with some additional charges for field trips. From Kindergarten through grade six the daycare begins after school every day and is open until 6:00PM.



Q: What time do the buildings close?

A: The ELP and the elementary schools shut down at 6:00PM when the daycare closes. The high school is open until 3:45PM every afternoon and the high school students are welcome to stay and study in the library until 4:30PM each weekday. After 4:30PM, students must be involved in an activity with a faculty supervisor if they would like to stay on campus.



Q: Do you have a Tablet program?

A: We began a pilot project two years ago that introduced Ipads within the three buildings. Staff members have been trained in educational technology and the Ipads are available in each building for students to use to support learning in the classroom.



Q: Is the Building Fund refundable?

A: The Building Fund is refundable if the student is withdrawn from Kuper Academy before classes begin for the year.     



Q: Do I get a discount for having multiple children at Kuper?

A: There is a discount (according to grade level) for families that have multiple children attending Kuper.