Quebec's Largest English Private School

Today's school for tomorrow's leaders

Tomorrow’s leaders will require the perfect blend of knowledge and judgment. Kuper Academy’s preschool, elementary, and high school programs provide the fundamental skills and values required for life-long learning, academic achievement, and a strong sense of personal growth. Our educators take pride in providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere conducive to learning.

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Providing the skills, knowledge and values required for life-long learning, academic achievement and personal growth.

One School for All

Meeting the needs of a diverse student population, Kuper Academy is the school of choice for both children from the community and international students. Because we are non-subsidized, we are able to accept students who do not have a certificate of eligibility. Kuper students live in an academic reality that reflects the global village and we derive strength from the rich diversity of people within our community. At Kuper Academy, students learn to accept, to respect, and to value cultural differences as we firmly believe that this will help them to develop into confident and successful adults. We provide differentiated French instruction to pupils who range in ability from beginners to mother tongue Francophones as well as advanced placement for students who demonstrate outstanding proficiency in math and science.


KUPER Advantages

Academic Achievement

Kuper Academy prides itself on providing a challenging and fulfilling bilingual academic program geared to satisfy the growing sense of inquiry and curiosity of all its students. Our focus is not only on mastery of the academic disciplines but also on understanding, critical thinking and problem solving.


Situated on 6.5 green, tree-lined acres in safe, suburban Kirkand, Kuper Academy has 3 modern air conditioned buildings, each with a distinct architectural style. Students have access to 3 gymnasiums, 3 science labs, 2 libraries, specialty classrooms, multiple playgrounds and a FIFA certified soccer field.

Technology in the Classroom

Kuper Academy continually strives to innovate. Use of iPads begins in preschool with formal computer classes in grades 1 through 8. During late elementary and high school, students have the opportunity to participate in programs such as robotics, computer programming, digital media and computer science courses. Personal iPads are required from grade 5 onward.


Kuper Academy maintains a strong commitment to athletics and physical education and aims to develop well-rounded students who not only excel within the classroom, but who also spend time exercising and developing their bodies as well as their minds. Our many athletic teams are highly competitive.

The DELF, DALF and TEFF Diplomas:

Kuper Academy offers DELF/DALF and TEF programs.


Kuper Academy - Pre-University Program:

Kuper Academy has partnered with Ontario Virtual School (Ontario BSID #665804) to offer a grade 12 blended learning program that will lead to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
All official diplomas will be issued by Ontario Virtual School, an accredited private school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of education. All course content will be taught in a live setting at Kuper Academy while teacher staff will also offer support, university application guidance and mentorship.

Article 21: Student & Parent Rights in Québec’s Education System:

Article 21 outlines the rights and structured procedures for students and parents within Québec's educational system. This framework is designed to ensure that complaints are addressed effectively, promoting the continuous improvement of the education system. The protocol also includes provisions for fast-tracked reporting under specific circumstances. It's worth noting that both complainants and those cooperating in the process are protected against any potential reprisals, fostering an environment of trust and openness.