Secondary School Curriculum



English, French, math, and physical education and health are taught at every level in the high school. Math and French are streamed to reflect each students' ability within the specific subject, which allows for both regular and advanced placement of students. Science is an obligatory subject for each student in secondary one through to secondary four, with physics and chemistry as an option for secondary five students. 


In addition, History and Citizenship courses are mandatory all year long for all students from secondary one through to secondary four. Over the course of their high school education, students also enjoy a variety of other courses including: geography, economics, debating, robotics, and the study of the contemporary world. Additionally, Introductory/Integration French is offered to students new to Quebec during their first year at Kuper Academy if there are enough students to warrant that specific class. 


Homework is an integral part of the educational program offered at Kuper Academy, intended to reinforce classroom work and to practice skills. At Kuper Academy parents, teachers, and students work together so that students develop good study habits and a responsible attitude towards homework. Regular testing and evaluation are carried out and the school issues three official report cards per academic year. Furthermore, academic results are posted in the interactive portal in real time, thus allowing regular monitoring of results.


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The academic department heads, in conjunction with subject teachers and the school's administration, draft academic policy on an ongoing basis. This practice is designed to give the school maximum flexibility in response to the needs of students.

All science courses include both theoretical studies and lab work. The departmental philosophy emphasizes the relevance of the theoretical material taught through an intensive use of laboratory work. This approach allows students to develop both the interest and aptitudes necessary to succeed, and prepares them to pursue future studies in the scientific realm. 


Music/Band/Performing Arts


Social Sciences

In order to benefit from a varied and meaningful educational experience, students select optional courses. Secondary three and four students are encouraged to select one option course, and secondary five students select an academic profile that will prepare them for their CEGEP studies. These profiles include: Sciences, Liberal Arts, Business, Communication, and Social Science. Each profile consists of a series of courses that follow the selected theme.