Extracurricular Activities



At Kuper, we emphasize the importance of developing a variety of skills and abilities and we work hard to maintain an atmosphere in which students can enjoy learning while simultaneously developing the competencies that they will need for a productive future. We encourage each child to try out new activities over the course of their time at Kuper. As a result of having so many extracurricular choices, many students find that they learn not only new skills, but more about themselves and the people they want to become as adults.

In the elementary school, there are dozens of activities, sports, and clubs for students to try throughout the course of the year. Some of these activities include: The Busy Hands Club (knitting)- the Curling Club- Scrapbooking- Geography Bee- Chess Club- Folk Dancing- Drama- Basketball- Soccer- Ice Hockey- Tennis- Cooking Club- Jewelery Club- Gardening Club- Ceramics Club- Babysitting course- Dance- Painting Club- Table Tennis. 


In addition, the Kuper high school also encourages children to participate and to try something new as they continue to grow in new ways over the course of their high school education. Kuper Academy clubs, sports, and student groups within the high school include: Student Council- SOS Leadership- Aviation Club- Yoga- Tech Team- Improvisation Team-  Rock Band- Yearbook Committee- Table Tennis- Free The Children- Board Games- Sewing club- Drama Club- Debate Team- Visual Arts Club- Animal Care Club- Law Club- CPR Course- Blood Drive club- Leukemia & Lymphoma Drive- Model Rocketry club- Film Festival- Grad Commitee- Poetry Club- Glee club- DJ club- Ice Hockey- Tennis- Basketball- Soccer- Golf- Swimming- Lacrosse- Beatbox club, and Football .  

For a full list of Kuper Klubs, click here.